Iris Van Herpen – the Future is Now

Pink Dress, Iris van Herpen.
Iris van Herpen. Photo credit – Molly SJ Lowe. Syntopia Collection. Source – Instagram.

Meeting Iris van Herpen at the High Museum of Art was one of the biggest pleasures. Not to mention, her fascinating exhibition “Transforming Fashion” was sublime. I went four times to see it. We discussed the endless possibilities of materials. With technologies like 3D Printing, when do you know when the design is finished? She said that is sometimes instinctively known. But, at other times having deadlines, focuses you to finish. Inspiration can be endless.

“I’m creating in a space that’s between reality and dreaming.” 

Iris van Herpen fashion
Iris van Herpen. Syntopia Collection. Photo credit – Naxim Valentini. Source – Instagram.

There is beauty in the unknown, or in knowing that there is something there that I cannot physically see or experience. That creates space for imagination. But I find the most beauty in the process itself.

Iris Van Herpen

The Art of Design

In my mind, her creations, her dresses are more than fashion. They are true art. Collector’s items. Sculptures. Living dreams. As a matter of fact, she attracts an art-focused clientele that collects her dresses or wears them to prominent events. Numerous times she has collaborated with Lady Gaga and Bjork. Above all, her dresses are exhibited at Museums worldwide. Even if you are not into fashion you will end up being mesmerized by her thought process, fascinating technologies and materials, and otherworldly ethereal designs.

Hypnosis Collection 2019.

Passion for design, technology, fashion, and art landed Tijana in the news by the way of Associated press during the press conference for Iris van Herpen’s opening in the High Museum of Art. Former IVH Group CEO Bradly Dunn Klerks talked to Tijana about a piece from the Voltage collection.


  • Wayne Dennis

    Excellent I like your focus on art and travel.

    • zestandcuriosity (author)

      Thank you, Wayne. I appreciate your kind comment, support, and interest. There are so many things in life that are inspiring, especially – people. This life is all about people and the meaningful connections that we have. That is everything. If art or travel out of the comfort zone can bring all of together more closely, that is wonderful.

  • George Thompson III

    Great article … thank you for exposing me to this phenomenal & intriguing artist!

    • zestandcuriosity (author)

      Thank you for this kind comment George, I am so happy to hear that you enjoyed this article. That is an excellent way to put it – she is a really intriguing artist. I love following her works, it always surprises. I hope you enjoy the rest of the website and find something more to brighten your day. Looking forward to staying in touch and hearing your thoughts.

  • Monwell Pnut Madison

    Very very nice and informative!

    • zestandcuriosity (author)

      Thank you so much Monwell! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it. More blogs are coming soon. Have a lovely day!

  • Freshte

    Its more dreamy and dreams are reality ! Fantastic

    • zestandcuriosity (author)

      Isn’t it wonderful? I loved it too. You got it. What a wonderful imagination. I can imagine how much joy the whole process brings.

  • Andrej

    This is pretty amazing. True art. I remember Dita von Teese wearing a 3D printed dress once, not sure if it was from this very designer. In any case, another great article, Tijana, and so great to see you featured in Daily Mail as well!

    • zestandcuriosity (author)

      Thank you this was very kind comment. Isn’t it interesting we can nowadays 3D print clothes? Still, it is not a common practice but possibilities are endless. I am so glad that you enjoyed th article and shared your valuable thoughts.

      • Andrej

        It is beyond interesting! I am eager to see how far this technology can go. Not just in clothing but in everything else (3D printing of human organs is something that quite bemuses and baffles me).

        • zestandcuriosity (author)

          I am so curious, too. it is amazing what we can witness in one lifetime. That is great that we can read about the past, absorb the present and wonder about the future. Life is so fascinating.

  • Charles McNair

    Tijana, good article. I’m hardly a fashionisto, but this artist — and that’s the word — got my attention thanks to your good work with the blog. Thank you. Charles

    • zestandcuriosity (author)

      Thank you Charles, I am so glad that you enjoyed the blog post about Iris! I felt the same, this is pure art. It is fascinating how you can elevate a dress to an art form when you have an imagination and creativity to go beyond. It was such a delightful and intriguing exhibition. What I loved the most was the thought process.

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