Chairs, Chairs, Chairs at the High Museum of Art

Glass Chair by Shiro Kuramata

As a member of the High Museum of Art, I often take my time to enjoy just a few works per visit. During this visit, I found many wonderful pieces of iconic furniture exhibited as art. Immediately, the Glass Chair by Shiro Kuramata stole my heart.

The chair was made from laminated glass in 1976. There is such beautiful simplicity. So much so, that I came back a few times to admire it. 

Shiro Kuramata. Glass Chair. Photo By Tijana.

Mathias Bengtsson’s plywood Slice Armchair
Mathias Bengtsson’s plywood Slice Armchair. Photo by Tijana.

Mathias Bengtsson’s plywood Slice Armchair is inspired by organic forms found in nature and cutting-edge technology. In fact, Bengtsson used a computer to analyze the shape and to precision-cut hundreds of plywood slices. Then, Bengtsson combined the unique shapes to form the sculptural chair into a functional art piece. I am always thrilled when I see art in objects that we can enjoy every day.

The Dragon Bench - Joris Laarman
The Dragon Bench. Photo By Tijana.

Dutch designer Joris Laarman developed the first sculptural piece created with the MX3D printer called The Dragon Bench. Incredibly, he’s designed digitally printed furniture. The Dragon Bench represents Laarman’s on-going explorations in fabrication through innovation in 3D printing. This chair is amazing to photograph and admire. Not only is it a seat, but also a piece of art. A sculpture. Furthermore, here is a video regarding his creative process.

What do you think, isn’t it amazing? Watching science and art mix is thrilling. For more exhibits, visit the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA.

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