Captivating Movement of Mary Remy

Mary Remy
Mary Remy. Choreography by amazing Katherine Maxwell for the Cooper Hewitt Museum in NYC. Photo by Ashlynn Stallings.

Mary Remy has one of those unforgettable faces. I met her when she was a gloATL dancer. Her dancing is always fascinating and moves me deeply. From the very beginning, it was evident that she had a phenomenal presence and exquisite movement. I have had a good fortune to enjoy watching her over the years to become an accomplished artist and dancer.

Mary Remy
Remy at the Sol Le Witt Sculpture, Atlanta. GloATL performance.
Photo by Tijana

There is something about Mary

In essence, Remy thrives on the openness and vulnerability of humans. Moreover, she explores these characteristics by expressing them through many different mediums. From world-renowned stages and unexpected places, to dancing and creating magic in the kitchen – each experience rewards her with new material. Above all, her talent is evoking emotion so that her audience may develop a deeper connection within themselves.

Captivating dance videos featuring Mary Remy

Mary received her B.A. in Dance from Kennesaw State University. Later, she performed with numerous professional companies in Atlanta, New York, and Philadelphia. To illustrate her enormous talent, here are a few delightful examples of her work. Check The Ritual video above for the unexpected romance in the kitchen, or Between Partners for a surprising twist.

These beautiful dance videos are must see.

I am glad to see Mary stretch creatively in the video medium. It is a joy the see her create these delicious works of art. Without further ado, please enjoy! The last video is my personal favorite.